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Runescape: How do we prevent Real-World-Trade Bans?

Although the risk is a very low risk to a Real World Trade ban, they do happen to traders that trade often. A Real World Trade ban is a ban from the game by the game creator because it is against the game's policy to trade gold or items for real money. Jagex does this to protect themselves from lawsuits that arise if they deem these virtual items as real world value. We protect our customers by doing the following:

  1. We use aged accounts, most of our accounts are over 1 Year old.
  2. Our Accounts are trained, we will never use lvl 3 accounts to trade you.
  3. Our Accounts are quested, we will complete quests on the accounts we trade you on
  4. Our Accounts are Level 40 plus in combat.
  5. If requested, we can offer other alternative ways to trade such as Stake Transfer, tipjar, droptrade, or killtrade. Ask for different ways to trade, we are very flexible.

Why you can trust and choose RPGStock

RPGStock has been operating in this market for over three years and we strive to provide the safest place to purchase Old School Runescape. You are shielded, We use only the best trained accounts and you will only get the best service. The delivery and updates are almost constantly updated and lightning fast.

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About RPGStock

We sell and buy to everyone in the world. We are located in the USA. We have over $100k + Sales done and have over 1400 + Feedback on sythe.org. We maintain the lowest rate possible to get you the cheapest cost in the market.

How Do We Ensure the Best Trading Practices

We never purchase blackhat gold such as those who hacked the gold. We do this by not purchasing the gold from known hackers or people who participate in illicit services. We have never received a customer complaint about a ingame rwt ban.


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