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Scrooge MCDuck

We have been buying and selling goods for over 3 plus years in games like Runescape, Old School Runescape, Realm Of The Mad God, CounterStrike Global Offensive, Minecraft, and other games. Our hometown is at the west coast of America while our timezone is Pacific. We hope to continue to expand to other games like World of Worldcraft and into Minecraft Servers. Our Mission Statement is

To enable more people in this new asset class of Video Game Digital Assets by providing a safe place to buy and sell.

Why you can trust us?

We have done over $100,000 in sales and have over 1,400 Feedback cumulative. We use only the best trade practices like trading with Trained Accounts and never buying hacked gold or gold that has been gotten through illicit means. All of our Gold is sourced from legit players. We have tons of experience in trading with only 3 plus years.

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